We have a specialised design and engineering team who utilise state-of-the-art design imaging software, producing photo quality CAD models of our designs.  The virtual environment allows accurate visualisation by the client and is a powerful tool for resolving any design issues prior to production.  Many of our clients use these computer generated images as a valuable sales resource. 3D assembly drawings may be used in instructions or presentations. Clear and  concise instructions are key to the success of flat-pack designs, which facilitates cheaper transport and use of on site labour to assemble.

In house Industrial Designers are able to communicate design intent with ease using initial quick hand sketches, 2 dimensional CAD layouts , 3D photo quality renderings, or sending 3D files for 3D printing We are experienced in design for injection moulding and have several partner companies whom we work closely with, both locally and internationally.

Much of our more involved work with retail fixturing incorporates Planogramming and an understanding of what goes on behind the Brand.  We are well versed in "POGs" and have staff on board who love getting into the nitty gritty details that make shelf and stock management work coherently.

Prototyping the design may also be a valuable step in the design validation. SLR models or 3D prints be made directly from our 3D files, useful particularly with high tolerance injection moulded components. Most designs can be made using off pattern samples, digital printing, fabrication lasercutting and CNC cutting.  It is important to prove new designs physically and aesthetically before moving to mass production.